Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Firework Show

Amaya and I met up with Nana and Papa and Steve's crew to watch the firework show on the lake. Crispy, sunburned Joe, and extremely tired and wired Kendal stayed back at the hotel to sleep and call it a night. I debated on whether or not it was really worth it for us to go, but watching her expression during the fireworks made it worth it and then some! She absolutely loved them, and couldn't wait to get home and tell her daddy all about it! And the fireworks right over the lake were pretty cool.

Amaya throwing popits at everyone passing by

Jacob and Erik getting in on the action.

I ended up with all the glowies Amaya refused to wear

She was soooo enthralled with the fireworks!

Throughout the entire show.

Watching her was more exciting for me than watching the fireworks!

Still amazed!

Not too happy about having to wear all the glowies on the walk back to the car, but it makes it much easier on moms when their children are glowing!


Sarah Young said...

Hillary, I can not believe how much older she looks! Dang that child is growing up!

Tara said...

She is such a beauty and those pics are PRICELESS!

valerie said...

I love her expressions for the fireworks! Such little beauties you have my friend!
What a fun weekend!

Aubrey and Chris said...

Awe, so precious I love it. I hope you do a post with the broken binki. Those videos are so dang cute! loves!

carly k said...

Could Amaya be any cuter?